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empowering Executives and Business Leaders to break their barriers

We offer the option of business English classes and professional coaching sessions because we know that experienced executives and business leaders need challenging discussions to inspire and help them grow.

Mari, our founder, who is also an experienced executive coach, has been recruiting and training English teachers for over 25 years since she founded her first business English school.

She handpicks teachers from different cultural backgrounds and gives the students the option to change every few months to practice with different accents and expertise.

Have your 30-minute power classes while traveling, from your car or a coffee shop. With your laptop or smartphone, one-to-one, on the go.

Schedule your discovery session and see it for yourself. You only pay for it if you decide to continue with the program.


we offer


30 or 45-minute audio or video English classes with our team of experienced teachers. Flexible program with as many classes as you need. With the option of changing teachers every three months to practice with different accents and personalities. You only pay for the first class if you decide to continue.


30 or 45-minute Business English classes. Handpicked teachers with business experience for you to discuss business plans, improve your presentations, emails, and your participation during meetings. Tailor-made programs using topics of your choice aligned with your professional challenges.


Imagine an English class with a teacher who is also an Executive Coach, specialized in asking powerful questions to help you make important professional decisions and design a weekly action plan to help you achieve your career objectives faster than ever. Mari, our founder, has over 25 years of experience, over 1000 hours of paid coaching sessions, a Professional Coaching Certificate (PCC), an MBA, and a 360 view of the work market since she’s been a CEO and an employee of fortune 500 companies herself.

Start improving your english

Our team



James is from the UK, now based in Taiwan, Taipei. Worked as a photographer and videographer for many years but wanted to travel so decided to go learn Chinese in Asia, where his family has roots in Vietnam and Hong Kong. He is now studying Chinese.


Weronika is Polish, living in Buenos Aires. Holds a master in International Relations, lived and worked with hospitality and tourism for a few years in the US, Sweden, Holland, and Ireland. Worked for the Ministry of Education in Colombia. Loves traveling, learning languages, reading books and spending time with her cat.


Cathy is from North East England. Graduated in Chinese Studies, lived in Taiwan, has been traveling to new countries and different cultures since she was a child. Has many pets in the UK and when she’s not teaching, she’s exploring, trying to improve her Chinese, and feeding her addiction for bubble tea.


Mari, our founder, recruits the teachers, evaluates students every quarter, and builds their programs according to their objectives. She is also an Executive and Business Coach. As an independent mom, born in Brazil, raised in the US and living in Spain she enjoys going to the beach and to the park with her son in her free time.  Listen to her Podcast “Mari Pimenta Show”.